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Universal Marathon Cold swimming Association

Federation of health training and sports winter swimming of Russia

In a name of health and rescue of the people!

Dear friends!

Universal Marathon cold swimming association and Federation of health training and sports winter swimming of Russia are scientific-practical and sports organizations built in Moscow in October 1990 and March 2000, pooling collectives more than from 50 cities and regions of Russia, and also from the states of near and long-distance foreign countries.

Subject of activity of our organizations are:

  • Realization of unique competitions and marathon swims in cool and ice water (including on Blue pole, through Bering's channel, Baikal-lake, Issyk-Kul-lake, archipelago of Spits Bergen etc.)
  • Development of winter swimming as by one of disciplines of kinds of sports with prospect of incorporation it in winter Olympic games
  • Research experiments on study of reserve opportunities of an organism of the person
  • Development of scientific procedures and recommendations for conservation of life and health of the person in extreme situations connected to a frigorism (hypothermia)
  • Development and application of practical means (thermo chemical heaters, waistcoats warming special, thermal packages etc) and methods of preventive maintenance of a hypothermia, realization of the conforming rates on education by it

40 members of association are brought in the domestic book of miracles, record-type and achievements "DIVO", are submitted in the Guinness book for ability to maintain large cold conditions and fast to be restored without damage to health.

We invite to mutually advantageous cooperation everyone, who is interested in protection against colds and conservation of an awake mode of life in conditions of low temperatures.

Become our partners and friends in a name of health and salvage of the people!

Yours faithfully,

The president,

Vladimir Grebenkine

Our main sponsor

The main sponsor is a group of the industrial and trade companies "ELICOM", manufacturer of healthy feed and high-quality confectionery products


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