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Federation of health training and sports winter swimming of Russia


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In a name of health and rescue of the people!


The Arms of the city of Saratov


The first international 

personal - command competitions on sports winter swimming



December, 2002

City of Saratov 



Prospective date Time Event Place of realization
10, December 11.00-14.00 The registration of the participants. The information on a place of order of realization of competitions will be placed at railway station, at the airport and road service station Saratov city
10, December 12.00 Press conference devoted to the First International competitions on sports winter swimming Saratov city
10-15, December 12.00-18.00

Photo-exhibition - competition of photos from regions under the name "And you, cold water, us will not force to be frightened!". An exhibition "Means of active heating - preventive maintenance, survival and rescue of the man from colds"

Conference hall of hotel
11, December 9.00-14.00 Scientific - practical conference "Influence of AQUAICE SPORT on improvement health of the man" Conference hall of hotel
11, December 16.00-18.30 Qualification on 100 meters without the account of time Volga river
19.00-20.00 Session of a mandatory commission Conference hall of hotel
20.00 Session of a sports judge commission
12, December 11.00-14.00 Relay race 4x100 meters. Structure of a team - 3 men and 1 woman. The age of the participants is not limited Volga river
с 18.00 Competition of beauty "Crystal crown - 2002". Party. Conference hall of hotel
13, December 10.00-15.00 Swimmingon duration (10 minutes) and range Volga river
19.00 Celebratory concert Conference hall of hotel
14, December 9.30-14.00 Indicative performances of the best russian athletes of cold water, young participants and veterans of winter swimming.  Volga river
14.30-18.00 Summarizing. Rewarding of the winners in command and personal championship of competitions in view of age categories. Assignment of the categories and ranks on AQUAICE SPORT. Assignment of judicial categories on AQUAICE SPORT. A press conference Conference hall of hotel
19.00 Review of art amateur performance of regions. party Conference hall of hotel
14-15, December   Departure of the participants of competitions  
16-17, December 12.00 Press conference devoted to results of the First international competitions on sports winter swimming (AQUAICE SPORT) Moscow
17-18, December   Realization of press conferences in regions and countries of the participants of competitions  

The main judge of a championship- Vladimir Grebenkine

The rescue-medical service is provided with regional branches of the centre PROTECTION and ministries on extreme situations of Russia

Contact information 

tel/fax +7 095 190-5985 


tel/fax +7 8452 265-453


tel +7 8452 734-312

Boris Kouzenev

The main sponsor:

Government of Saratov city



Our main sponsor

The main sponsor is a group of the industrial and trade companies "ELICOM", manufacturer of healthy feed and high-quality confectionery products


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