Universal Marathon Cold swimming Association

Federation of health training and sports winter swimming of Russia



In a name of health and rescue of the people!




It is intended for:

  • protection of the person against overcooling

  • rendering assistance by the victim of cold

  • preventive maintenance of overcooling in a conditions 

  • of life


It is applied to preventive maintenance of overcooling and improvement of working conditions on a cold in individual and group means of rescue - hunters and fishermen, sportsmen and tourists, rescuers at rendering assistance by the victim and at evacuation wounded and patients in conditions of possible overcooling.

TCW-2 represents an active source of heat as a package in the size 120х100х5 mm in which the reactionary mix and a capsule from a thin polyethylene film with a water solution of salts are placed. One of the parties of it of a package-warmer is executed air-penetrable. A package-warmer it is enclosed in other package providing long storage. Weight of a warmer - till 100g. 


The principle of work consists in chemical reactions of oxidation by oxygen of air of an iron powder at the presence of salts of active metals. Reaction begins after opening an external package and dredging from it a package-warmer, pushing capsules and hashing of electrolyte with a mix by fingers a package within 2-3 minutes prior to the beginning of reaction, then the warmer is located in a place of heating. It is recommended with a view of preventive maintenance of overcooling of the person and for heating injured warmer to place in the field of a chest cell. In the closed volume the warmer bottle works long time, providing submission in an organism necessary quantity of heat filling in deficiency of heat in an organism, formed at influence of a cold.


Advantages of our warmer  are constant presence of a source of active heat with itself or in an emergency ration, simplicity in circulation, absolute safety at application, absence of harmful gas evolutions, speed of application. The storage period and an operating time considerably surpass foreign samples (see the comparative table), the temperature of a working surface is in limits "comfortably", as against others - "is "very hot", the opportunity of repeated use and low cost is ecologically safe and is easily utilized. 


Characteristics of a warmer (see the comparative table) are the following - working temperature on a surface - 45C, time of heating (hours) - from 30 up to 50, time of an output for a mode (depends on temperature of storage, minutes) - 5-20, a warranty period of storage (at temperature -20...+50C) - not less than 36 months


The thermo chemical warmer is applied since 1991 to practical and research work of UMCSA & FHTSWSR together with conducting science-research institutes of Russia, has passed tests in the center "Protection", on Northern fleet. It is admitted by Ministry of Health of Russia to manufacture, delivery, realization and use in territory of Russia. The certificate № Item 1058.8.4.00 from April, 18, 2000 (see a face sheet, a back)


Cost of a warmer and conditions of delivery are contractual. An estimated cost is about 20 rubles


Appearance of packing is like follows:



Our main sponsor

The main sponsor is a group of the industrial and trade companies "ELICOM", manufacturer of healthy feed and high-quality confectionery products


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